Grimwald -from Turin, North Italy- is a band founded in the autumn of 2007 by Helvoth -guitar and synth- with the intention to play old school black metal. After a first period of rehearsals and line-up changes, the band is made up by Helvoth, Røkkr (bass), Sariel (vocals/guitar) and Månegarm (drums) and records in October 2008 "The legend of the raven", a 3-tracks demo; after the recordings Røkkr leaves the band, while Helvoth and Sariel decide to change the drummer, unsatisfied by his drumming.

After a few months dedicated to write new stuff and to rehearse, the new line-up for the new demo "The berserker" is the following: Helvoth and Sariel as official members, and as session players for these recordings the band is helped by Røkkr (bass) and the new drummer Gabor. As "The berserker" is released, in december 2009, Grimwald receive a lot of great reviews, included the "top demo" on Grind Zone magazine Italia nr. 2/2010; the band signs a distro deal with the German label Naturmacht Productions, and the English label Wolfs Hook Records releases "The berserker" on tape.

In 2011 the first self-produced full length album has been recorded, "Über Grimlands Düsteren Wäldern", which contains a mini-concept about the history of Augusta Taurinorum, the anciant name of Turin. The line-up stays as a 2 men, helped by A.Antolovich (ex-Tronus Abyss) as studio drummer.

In 2013 has been released "Saturnia Tellus-memories from eternal cult", is a split-cd with other italian band like Arcanum Inferi from Sicily and Northern Tod from Lazio. The CD is an historical concept and is released by the ukranian label, Vacula Prod. For these recording the new drummer was Graven. A new era is coming for grimwald, with the new members, Misanthropy on the drums, as a persistent member.Grimwald will go on with the songwriting and will let burn the black flame within'em

In 2014 has been released "The Berserker", remastered. The most appreciated work, remastered and printed with a cover and new graphics.

In 2017 has been released "Lux Perit in Tenebris", our second full length album, featuring 7 dark tracks, a new edition of two of our most famous songs: Suicide is not a Crime and The Legend of the Raven from the first demo. The album has been very well reviewed, we have also had been interviewed by the Atmosfear paper magazine, november 2017! For the 10th anniversay of the band we went on stage starting our live performances in Turin, our city.